Psychotherapiepraxis Wien 1180

Florian Kwauka BA pth.

0660 463 49 59

Weimarer Straße 7/5, 1180 Wien

Appointments by arrangement

Please arrive as precisely as possible – i.e. 1-2 minutes before the start of the appointment!
Initial consultations can also take place via phone or video chat.

Public transportation

Take streetcar lines 40 & 41 along Währinger Straße to Martinstraße station. After that it is about 220m walk to Weimarer Straße 7.

Short-term parking in 1180 Vienna

In Währing the short term parking zone is valid from 9am to 10pm (weekdays from Monday to Friday).
Small tip: On Währinger Straße the short term parking zone is only valid from 9 am to 6 pm in the marked areas!
Please remember to buy a parking ticket.


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