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It is definitely not easy to admit to yourself that you need psychotherapeutic support. True to the motto „I’ve managed without it thus far“. But it is precisely this admission which does not mean that we have failed; on the contrary, it is the first major step towards improving things!

This makes it all the more important to find the right psychotherapist who fits your personality and topics when looking for support. For this purpose there is the initial meeting. At this meeting, client and psychotherapist get to know each other for the first time and can determine whether there is a basis of trust.

An initial meeting is a wonderful opportunity to find out
how comfortable you feel in my practice and
which topics you want to tackle!

The initial psychotherapeutic meeting also serves to explore the current conflicts, problems and needs. The therapeutic goal, which is intended to bring an improvement or a solution to the conflict, then also depends on these topics.

Psychotherapy Practice Vienna 1190
Florian Kwauka BA pth.
+43 (0)660 463 49 59

Weimarer Straße 7/5
1180 Vienna

Contact details & how to find me

The following general conditions can be clarified in the course of the initial consultation:
Which method is used and which topics are to be worked on
the frequency of sessions and the approximate duration of psychotherapy
the amount of the fee and the mode of payment
the rejection rule

Information on psychotherapeutic care:

A psychotherapeutic session takes 45 minutes and usually takes place once a week. The fee is agreed at the initial meeting on site.

Confidentiality and protection of clients‘ privacy

As a psychotherapist I am subject to a legally regulated duty of confidentiality, which obliges me to maintain complete confidentiality towards third parties (relatives, spouses, institutions). The confidentiality obligation of psychotherapists is even stricter in detail than that of doctors.

Initial meetings are also subject to the confidentiality obligation without exception.