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Psychotherapeut Florian Kwauka

  • Born 1982 in Vienna
  • Since 2011 active in the field of psychotherapy
  • 2014 Studies at the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna completed
  • Member of the Psychotherapie-Verein IG Wien (Integrative Gestalt Therapy)
  • Languages: German and English (fluent)
  • Before becoming a psychotherapist I worked many years as an independent entrepreneur developing web based projects

Psychotherapy field experience

  • 2011 psychological tests at the Sigmund Freud Ambulanz Vienna
  • 2012 Psychotherapeutic care at the Otto Wagner Hospital
  • since 2012 working in my own psychotherapeutic practice

My main psychotherapeutic activities are…

  • adults
  • teenagers (14-18 years)
  • anxieties
  • relationship problems
  • Burnout
  • depressions
  • Narcissistic personality structures
  • Psychosomatic complaints (symptoms such as heart stings, dizziness, migraine)
  • Self-discovery and development
  • social phobia

Psychotherapeutic approach and method

As an integrative Gestalt therapist, my focus is on the client and his history. In doing so, I work with my clients in an experiential and experience-oriented manner with the aim of ,restoring the inner balance and raising awareness of unpleasant behaviours, so that they can be learned how to deal with them. The past plays as important a role in psychotherapeutic treatment as the present – because everything that defines us in the present is expressed in our present behaviour and feelings.

What is integrative Gestalt therapy?

The integrative Gestalt therapy is a conversational psychotherapy in which client and therapist sit opposite each other. The support and therapy itself takes place through conversation and perception. Gestalt therapeutic psychotherapy assumes that every person has positive qualities with which the client can resolve his inner conflicts. To use these qualities, it sometimes requires professional help from an outside person, such as a psychotherapist.

Gestalt therapy can and should support people in finding themselves and perceiving themselves holistically. The Gestalt method uses creative means for the support, among other things, beside the usual discussion psychotherapy, in order to be able to express internal conflicts and feelings better.